The Creative Engineer with a Heart 🫶🏾

The Creative Engineer with a Heart 🫶🏾

Want to know what makes me tick? This is me introducing myself. I am sharing my background and my goals in the best way possible.

I am thrilled to introduce myself as a talented self-taught software engineer with a passion for creating innovative solutions. I like to call myself a creative engineer with a heart. 🫶🏾

Growing up in the trenches as I did, Software Engineering is not a career you aspire to chase from even the age of 10. I wanted to be an artist.

It was unconventional as other kids my age would mostly go around the line of becoming a doctor, lawyer, or an “engineer”. I was only a brilliant kid who loved dancing, singing, and solving problems.

How did that 10-year-old dancer and singer turn into a talented software engineer? Well, all thanks to my insane level of curiosity and burning desire to solve problems.

In high school, I would watch many dance videos from YouTubers thousands of miles away from other countries. When I started making videos and uploading them too, I became curious about how the entire web works and that’s how it all started.

I kept in touch with my artistic side by learning how to write. This was also my first source of income. I used the money I made from copywriting to buy courses and stream tutorials to learn the engineering skills I have now.

Now, I know how the web works, and I’m happy to be doing exciting things on the web too. I have dived into many aspects of the web, from mobile development to frontend web development, DevOps, Cyber Security, and, where I find utmost joy, Backend Development.

I have invested time in honing my coding skills, software architecture and design, and project management. I have worked on various projects ranging from developing web applications to designing mobile apps and have proven to be a valuable asset to every team I work with.

I am looking to take everything I have learned to the next level. I am now fascinated by FinTech and Enterprise software. My primary goal is: Solve problems at scale. And I want to do that by becoming a world-class software engineer.

But that is not all. I am building a product of my own, Lagbaja Mobile. I am also going back to pick up my writing skills, combine them with my technical knowledge and start exploring the waters of technical writing. In my leisure time, I share essential life concepts as I read or experience them in my podcast, THE JOURNEY WITH MIDE. Listen here

There you have it. Meet Dickson Olumide Sosanya, a software engineer, writer, podcast host, and aspiring founder.

If you are a professional in my field, whether a beginner or an expert, I’m more than willing to meet you. Connect with me on Twitter @dickson_build, GitHub, or LinkedIn